The latest in miscreants

By Allie Smyth

Security forces at the University of Calgary have had their share of excitement dealing with recent questionable behavior on campus.

A Campus Security Officer was the victim of an assault on Fri., Sept. 7. A routine call in response to four intoxicated males relieving themselves in a garbage can outside of south MacEwan Hall resulted in the assault. One officer was injured and the four individuals were arrested by the Calgary Police Services.

The individuals were spotted on the closed-circuit TV cameras and a team was dispatched to advise them that their behavior was inappropriate. Initially, the group prevented the officers from leaving the mobile unit by blocking the doors. When an officer did leave the vehicle the group assaulted him by punching him repeatedly. The assault resulted in an injury of the officer’s eye, which was treated at Foothills hospital.

Other officers acted as backup and the four individuals were detained until CPS arrived. The individuals were not students.

"The assault is a continual reminder of how challenging and difficult the role is that officers play in maintaining a safe environment on campus during the wee hours of the morning," said Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz. "This incident was debriefed by the team the following shift, providing an opportunity to revisit the incident to decide if anything could have been done differently, and to explore training options and what other avenues of support [could be available] for our officers."

The assault is partly related to increased patronage at the Union Black Lounge and the Den. Campus Security has been assisting the bar staff in prevention of alcohol-related incidents.

"We are working closely with the SU to ensure the balance of having a drinking establishment on campus and still maintain a safe and secure environment," said Fritz. "The SU staff have been diligent at checking ID and ages."

The peregrine falcons on campus managed to create some noisy complaints of their own.

Investigation revealed that the peregrines were involved in "flight training 101," which involved the fledglings hitting the windows of buildings amidst loud "directions" from the parent birds.

"Having the falcons nest on campus adds to the uniqueness of campus to a great extent," said Fritz. "Each and every year it seems to generate complaints or concerns about their behavior on campus."

After months of existing in a construction zone, Campus Security completed the move to MacEwan Student Centre 260 in time for the new semester.

"We are absolutely delighted with our new office space and location," said Fritz. "We were able to become operational in a matter of hours and it is now business as usual."

Fritz extended a welcome to new U of C studenats and encouraged them to contact security for any concerns.

Campus Security can be reached at 220-5333.

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