Re: Money for work, Sept. 6, 2001

Editors, the Gauntlet,

I wanted to clarify a few things in the aforementioned article. The Students’ Union does not have a formal position on the $50 fee for companies to list on the Career Services website. This discussion has not happened at the Students’ Legislative Council, but will happen in the near future. I will follow-up with the Gauntlet after this discussion.

There are three SLC members and two Students on the Student Employment Services Advisory Board. Last year’s student representatives did not forsee a problem with the fee for listing. However, they did not receive any direction from either SLC or Student Academic Assembly.

The SU is a partner with The University of Calgary in the administration of Career Services. Students in 1995 voted in favour of a $2 per semester levy in order to help fund Career Services. This levy contributes $75,000 to Career Services on a yearly basis, and helps provide a useful service to students on campus.

Lastly, Career Services is looking for ways to keep the program running without resorting to charging students or increasing the student levy. I am confident that the last place that Career Services will be looking for money is from an increase to the student levy.

If you have any other questions regarding the SU’s involvement with Career Services, I can be reached at, or at 220-3910.

Oliver Bladek

SU Vice-President External

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