Amie Wright Safewalk Coordinator 2000/01

Editor, the Gauntlet,

My letter concerns the Aug. 9 article about the new Safewalk Coordinator, Andrew Rondeau.

The individual chosen to be Safewalk Coordinator must be mature, innovative and trustworthy as the Coordinator is responsible for managing all aspects of the Safewalk program. Andrew was chosen for these reasons.

Though I do not believe it was the intent of the Gauntlet to portray Andrew as untrustworthy or in other ways lacking, I would like to alleviate any confusion. Although much was made of Andrew’s frequenting the Fox in the article, this is not the main component of Andrew’s personality nor is it his most defining element. Furthermore, I do not believe that how Andrew chooses to spend his free time should be the focus in an article about his position as Safewalk Coordinator.

I have been training Andrew for the month of August and as of Sept. 1, 2001 he has assumed full weight of the program. I believe he was a fine candidate for this position when he was initially hired and after working with him this past month I know that he will do a great job. I think that is what matters, not where he goes after hours. I can be reached for comment at

Amie Wright

Safewalk Coordinator 2000/01

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