Weekly Top Eight

By Kris Kotarski

1. Jack Neumann showed up
– Sports Information Director represents
Where there’s Jack, there’s trouble. The wily Neumann proves himself a true man about campus.
2. The dance floor
– hoppin’
– all night
A friend remarked that the dance floor was packed. He was right. Another friend said "look at all the beautiful girls." He was right. Then, looking confused, he asked, "where did they all come from?" He did nothing else for the rest of the night
3. Nicknames
– all women’s soccer players had them
With mysterious acronyms like "D.W." as well as more traditional names like "Spock," the women’s soccer team kept the crowd on their toes. Graduating midfielder Leanne Pelosi was away in Wales. We wonder what her nickname is.
4. Volleyball fans
– tipsy before they got to the cab
With the rebirth of the beer gardens in the Jack Simpson Gymnasium crowds are larger, louder and better. These crowds made their way to the soccer cab. Cheers to them.
5. Matt Houston
– soccer midfielder
– the heart of the Dinos
The Matt Houston fan club was out in full force and Matt didn’t disappoint. Look out ladies, there’s only so much Houston to go around. And a tip of the hat for shooting some Jack (not Neumann).
6. Aisha Alfa
– University of Alberta soccer star
– CIS Finals MVP
– a northern version of Dinos’ Katie Lee
Alfa said she was in town visiting friends, but we can’t believe her. She was seen hanging out with Dinos defender Stephanie Bourigault and Dinos Head Coach Robin "Slot Machine" Slot made an ® appearance at the cab as well. I smell recruitment. Slot is crafty.
7. A packed Den
– Sold out by 10:00p.m.
While Thursday nights have become more subdued of late, the soccer cab reminded us what a packed campus bar looks like.
8. Kris Kotarski’s hamstring
– pulled and hurting
Can anyone tell me what happened? I woke up with a pulled hamstring and I behaved myself for most of the night. It might have happened on the dance floor but I seriously can’t remember any crazy dancing on my part that would have led to a pulled hamstring. Any information on this matter should be sent to kotarski@home.com. There will be a prize for the best theory.

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