the toronto sessions

By Ken Clarke

During a rare 1986 visit to Canada, Virginia-born blues man Charlie Edwards was forever captured in The Toronto Sessions. The result is a unique tapestry of blues treats drawn from the lengthy career of a 68-year-old blues singer whose only accompaniment is his own sweet guitar picking on an antique steel-pan Gretsch guitar.In a country/barbershop… Continue reading the toronto sessions


By Kevin Hearn

This CD reminds me a little of a hospital stay. A bit depressing but ultimately hopeful, the CD tells you that one day you’ll recover.Barenaked Ladies keyboardist Kevin Hearn recorded this CD after his bout with leukaemia and it’s referenced in the album title, H-Wing. But there’s no hospital-like sterility in this CD. The piano,… Continue reading h-wing


By Вen Li

While the movie Amélie deserves and has received accolades, Yann Tiersen’s soundtrack should not.Beginning as a mediocre sampling of Western-European sounds typical of the French composer’s work, the tracks quickly blend into four amorphous blobs of audio. Only three tracks, two of which were composed by others–distinguish themselves by having the variety lacking on the… Continue reading Amelie

Women’s Basketball

By Ryan Laverty

You can’t win ’em all. Good effort. Better luck next time. Just a few words of encouragement for the lady Dinos after their disappointing weekend sweep at the hands of the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds. The Dinos held solid leads in both games at the Jack but were unable to hold off the T-Birds’… Continue reading Women’s Basketball

Women’s Hockey

By Ryan Laverty

We are right to demand perfection from million-dollar athletes. Professionals are paid more money in a year than most people will see in a lifetime, so in return, fans should expect nothing short of excellence. And if you’ll pardon the cliché, for those athletes winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. However, in amateur athletics… Continue reading Women’s Hockey

Men’s Basketball

By Lawrence Bailey

Anyone who heard the repetitive thumping emanating from the Jack on Sat., Nov. 24 around 9 p.m. need not be concerned with the structural integrity of the Kinesiology complex. It was nothing more than the legions of men’s basketball fans collectively beating their heads into the wall in frustration. In a none-too-triumphant return to home… Continue reading Men’s Basketball

A tale of two Fridays

Today was an incredible day. It started really early, around 7:30 a.m. At the Students’ Union breakfast, groggy execs served me sausages. Something else truly impressed me today as well. I can’t get over how fascinated I was with the turnout at the Board of Governors meeting; students showed up in droves to attend–and I… Continue reading A tale of two Fridays