Christmoose comes but once a year

By Natalie Sit

In Loose Moose Theatre Company land, dog-zapping collars and comedy somehow come together in Christmoose Carol, their version of Dickens’ well-known A Christmas Carol. "Each year it’s a little different, but we keep the basic structure," says Dennis Cahill, artistic director for Loose Moose. "It’s more dramatic. All the comedy but more drama." This is… Continue reading Christmoose comes but once a year

Religiously remixing

By Michael Leung

Throughout all of his efforts, fame and music, DJ Tiesto stays dogmatically close to his mantra of keeping things real. Hard work, a little luck and a lot of love for music are his themes in the church that is the club. The sermons of house and trance he delivers through the tables have congregations… Continue reading Religiously remixing

Busting into the performance world

By James Keller

You may not be familiar with the term "mutton busting," but you’ve probably seen it in action. During typical rodeo intermissions younger competitors ride sheep around the track wearing hockey helmets. And although there won’t be any sheep or helmets, One Yellow Rabbit’s High Performance Rodeo will have Mutton Busting. "We are the young kids… Continue reading Busting into the performance world

Struggling with the sexual depths of hell

By Stephanie Chan

If Hell is a party, then what is Heaven? Christopher Marlowe’s The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus, produced by the University of Calgary Drama Department, is a wild rollercoaster ride through an underworld completely saturated with alcohol, violence and a whole lot of sex. Michael Petersen plays Dr. Faustus, a highly educated and respected man… Continue reading Struggling with the sexual depths of hell

News in review

By Andrea Bundon

Low risk report for high-risk people      Is attending university a high-risk activity? Not according to the Risk Management Report released by the University of Calgary Risk Management Safety Services in September. The report outlines the success of the University’s RMSS Division, which is currently the only division of its kind in any North American academic… Continue reading News in review


By Natalie Sit

As every time-strapped student knows, the Internet is a virtual wonderland of knowledge. And if Dave Patrick succeeds, University of Calgary students will have access to a virtual wonder-market for knowledge. The fourth-year economics student found his experiences at the Used and New Bookstores less than satisfactory. As a solution he developed plans for an… Continue reading e-knowledge

Fur flies over budget

By Joel McNally

With the federal budget announcement due on Dec. 10, two federal student lobby groups are at odds over the report released by the Standing Committee on Finance. The report, entitled Securing our Future, details recommendations to direct the formulation of the federal budget. Included are two recommendations of particular interest to post-secondary students: extended post-secondary… Continue reading Fur flies over budget

Scholarship rules under review

By Andrea Bundon

Regulations at the University of Calgary governing Spring and Summer courses are currently under fire. Although courses taken during the Spring and Summer sessions are factored into students’ GPA for academic reviews and count towards graduation requirements, they are not considered when applying for scholarships. The Students’ Academic Assembly recently passed a resolution to change… Continue reading Scholarship rules under review