SU View

By Darby Semeniuk

Well, there may not be strippers or slot machines, but Academic Awareness Week isn’t going to be as boring as it might sound. In fact, academia is the reason we’re all here. It might not be first on the list, when the Den and Black Lounge provide so many other reasons to be here, but it’s important nonetheless. So Feb. 11–15 is your chance to unravel the mysterious and confusing academic life on campus.

And it’s not that confusing. On Monday and Tuesday, go to the new MacEwan Hall (on the east side of MacEwan Student Centre) to learn more about each of the faculties at the university. Find out about your own department, or shop around for other academic programs you might be interested in. Save all of your nitty-gritty questions for Wednesday and Thursday, when EULE (Enhancing Undergraduate Learner’s Experience) is sponsoring Advising Days from 11 a.m.–2 p.m. in the North Courtyard (C’mon, you know you’ve had questions about planning your program since the day you got here and you still haven’t bothered to ask anyone!). It’s your education, might as well make the most of it.

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