U of C keeps CPS busy

By Roger Hollands

Security issues at the University of Calgary kept the city police services busy in January.

A 41-year-old construction worker was discovered spying on campus residents by night in early January. The suspect, who was the subject of an existing campus ban, was apprehended by Calgary Police and charged with trespassing.

"He was in violation of the conditions of his current probation," explained Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz. "He was criminally charged on the spot."

Following this incident Campus Security attended to other problems in the U of C residences. Officers investigated a case of fraud in Residence Services involving a U of C student and a stolen cheque. Allegedly, the door to the Residence Services office was left unlocked one night and the next day Campus Security was notified of the missing cheque. Following the thievery, the student attempted to cash the cheque at a local Money Mart.

"The thief wrote the check out to himself for $3,521," Fritz explained. "Once [Money Mart staff] asked him a few questions he got nervous and left."

The identity of the student is not known and an investigation is pending.

"He could have used the name of somebody else," said Fritz. "The whole thing has been turned over to the police."

Campus Security officers were also called to an incident in Scurfield Hall involving a student who assaulted his professor during a discussion regarding groupwork.

"[The student] was involved in a group project and had missed a lot of time," commented Fritz. "It was a result of this discussion that the assault occurred."

The student was banned from campus for 48 hours by Campus Security and later placed on probation by the dean of his faculty. Fritz added the Calgary Police were called and the student was charged.

The student’s fate will be determined by a University committee which will review the evidence and determine whether he may be permitted to continue his studies at the U of C.

Other Campus Security efforts are being directed towards preparation for the counter G-8 conference to be held at the U of C June 21–25. Non-governmental organizations will have an opportunity to express their concerns regarding the trade policies of global powers. Fritz explained that Campus Security anticipates a great deal of activity.

"We recognize that many protesters will come to the conference in order to network," said Fritz. "While on campus we don’t anticipate that they will cause any problems."

Campus Security is currently working with Calgary Crime Stoppers on a campus awareness program and need volunteers. Interested students should contact the Campus Security office, MSC 260, or send an e-mail to coordinator Scott Donselaar, at edonsela@ucalgary.ca.

Campus Security can be reached 24 hours a day at 220-5333.

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