Nagra wins Academic

By Вen Li

Civility marked most of the Students’ Union Vice-President Academic race and the announcement of the victor.

Both SU VP Academic-elect Rosie Nagra and second-place finisher Darby Semeniuk spoke highly of each other after the results were announced on Mon., March 18.

"I really like Darby," said Nagra. "I feel really wrong about winning over him."

"I think Rosie will do a good job if she puts her mind to it, but she has a steep learning curve," said Semeniuk. "It’s not something I would worry about."

While Nagra will start her term in office by focusing on her proposed mentoring and study group programs, Semeniuk will try to remain active with committees and looks forward to a possible position with the Student Academic Assembly. Neither candidate was unhappy with the extended voting period.

"Extending voting just made us work harder, it was in our favour," said Nagra. "Voter turnout was high, it had a lot to with the candidates and how we campaigned. Each of us worked hard to get to where we are."

"I think the extra day of voting helped turnout; it was not detrimental to my campaign," said Semeniuk. "I’d like this to disprove everything people bitch about with the Gauntlet [endorsements]."

Third-place candidate Dan Skitch was unavailable for comment.

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