Field hockey’s future?

By Lindsey McAndrews

The Dinos field hockey team has cause to be excited about this coming season,

"This is our year," trumps fifth-year player and team co-captain, Ashley Raeburn.

After tying their arch rivals, the U of A Pandas for third last year in the Canada West Conference, the Dinos look at their veteran team with optimism. Additional co-captains, Liz Allen and Kelsey Barrie, who are fourth-and-fifth year players respectively, help lead a team that carries 13 returning players, and two "quality" rookies from British Columbia.

Head Coach Carl Dalton’s predictions aren’t as specific, but he confirms that the team looks good and simply wants to see significant improvements in his girls’ stats, fitness and obviously their overall performance. This is Dalton’s second year with the Dinos.

The 2002 season final Canadian Interuniversity Sport tournament will be held in Halifax, and this year it will potentially seat three teams from the Canada West, with only one Maritime position, increasing the Dinos’ chances of making it to the show. It is the frustration of many athletes who compete in the traditionally stronger western Conference to watch weaker teams finish better simply because they are from the east.

While Calgary will not host a Canada West tournament this year you can catch them in Edmonton in September–hopefully spanking some Panda ass.

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