Student club supports Paul Martin

By Roger Hollands

Federal Politics may not have much to do with campus life, but the new Paul Martin for Prime Minister Club sees things differently.

“The idea of our group is to present the ideas of Paul Martin,” said club President Bryan West. “Many of us are members of the [U of C] Liberal Association.”

The PM for PM Club recognizes Liberal Party authority, but they also see the need for adequate representation for westerners and believe Martin will settle the regional dispute. The development of PM for PM came after Martin’s visit to Camp Finally Free, a Liberal youth conference held in Bragg Creek July 5-7, 2002. His casual style and ability to speak the language of the people make Martin a respected candidate.

“We see him as a rejuvenation of the party,” explained West. “He seems down to earth.”

West believes that Martin’s vision for Canada incorporates the needs of the West, and that in this way, he is fundamentally different from his opponents.

“He talked about how the government today is run by an executive,” said West. “He talked about giving power back to members of the house so they can all speak their conscience.”

Administrative Coordinator Jane Alkhouri commented that Martin did this while sitting on the grass at Camp Finally Free after having played an intense game of soccer. The club considers Martin’s believability to be a function of his multidimensional character.

“He seemed down to earth… he wasn’t this far flung politician with his limo and his body guards,” said West.

In Alkhouri’s eyes Martin is a three dimensional person who, unlike Stockwell Day, can communicate his vision for Canada while wearing a pair of jeans and cowboy boots.

“He’s like you and me,” Alkhouri commented. “At the end of the night he had a sun tan and he was joking around.”

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