Learn how to jump through hoops at the academic carnival

By Rosie Nagra

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Now that exams are beginning to take their toll, the effects of coffee are starting to wear off, and the thought of staying up to 4 a.m. studying for an exam doesn’t seem unusual, I want to introduce you to some academic services that may help.

Often students are unaware that there are services that can help.

For example, did you know that Counselling Services offers academic and career workshops on how to prepare for tests, conquer test anxiety, and choose a major, faculty or occupation? Did you know Career Services can help you write a resume, prepare for job interviews, tap into the job market, and find an incredible Co-op or internship program?

If your essays are not A+ material, the Effective Writing Centre offers free consultations on how to improve essay structure and document sources. Another excellent way to prepare for exams is to purchase old exams from the Copy Centre or from your faculty club.

The International Student Centre offers transfer credit programs at over 58 universities worldwide. Students with disabilities such as attention deficit disorder, physical disabilities and or health issues can visit the Disability Resource Centre.

If University is becoming too pricey for you, or if you are working overtime to support yourself, Student Awards and Financial Aid offers numerous scholarships as well as financial advice and assistance with student loans.

During exam time, the library can be a haven, offering extended hours to complete essays and research, as well as ongoing assistance with research and various workshops. Lastly, if you need help appealing a midterm or final grade, or if you are being required to withdraw or just want confidential advice on your rights, visit the Students’ Union’s Student Rights Advisor. She’s there to help you–all you have to do is ask.

The best part is that almost all of the above services are free. How can you find out more? Join me at the Academic Carnival on Wednesday, November 6 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in MacEwan Student Centre to learn more about the various academic services on campus. Enjoy some cotton candy, play some awesome carnival games, enter to win $200 towards tuition, and sign our petition against tuition increases.

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