If your brain isn’t fried enough already…

By Kyle Young

Does your head hurt from all your school work? This won’t help. Kyle’s evil and made this hard.

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1. Knowledge for the initiated

5. If you eat too much protein you may get

8. When hippies make money and start dressing nice

9. A bad place to be in a cult

11. A wonderful treat for dessert, also an insignificant b.c. city

13. British beer

14. A type of sleep, and sleepy music

16. Lover-boy

17. ", as easy as 123"

19. Vitamin a

22. Alfalfa was in the Little

24. The basic building blocks of childhood

25. The default hangover remedy


2. Not quite normal

3. A common feature on tombstones

4. "I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice "

6. The best way to get your message across

7. The secret ingredient in the Kool-Aid at Heaven’s Gate

8. "I met him in a swamp down in Dagobah…"

10. Don Giovanni’s companion in Mozart’s opera

12. The fashionable footwear to go with your Kool-Aid

15. Like a leprechaun, only without gold

18. A leftwing campus group I would call a cult if it were not libel

20. To insinuate

21. Like boy-scouts, only for University, with beer and less useful

23. "Toner is "

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