Who’s your favourite Dino? Alfalfa? Or…

The men’s volleyball team won itself a berth in the Canada West playoffs by beating Winnipeg 3-2, 3-1 in Winnipeg over the weekend. Now tied for fourth place with rival Trinity Western University, the “battle of the splitters” will be revisited this weekend in Langley, and if the Dinos can win both (they’ve actually strung together consecutive wins two weekends in a row!), they will likely be guaranteed a berth at nationals by virtue of ranking. Trinity has just come off of a mauling by the Golden Bears of Edmonton so they will be looking to get revenge on someone; an eye for an eye indeed! It looks right now like the Dinos’ line-up is starting to gel together, in an Alfalfa from the L’il Rascals sort of way.

The big spike on Alfalfa’s head is Denis Zhukov, who after settling back into the university game has begun to lead the team on offence again. The rest of the Dinos, well, they are like the rest of the hair and gel on Alfalfa’s head; the boys are holding it down. We wish the Dinos luck this weekend in their quest to return to glory.

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