Editor, the Gauntlet: Letters

By Dennis Kerber

Re: “Do you know what a mullet is?” Jan. 23, 2003.

I understand that there are some people who are worried about the symbolism of the mullet, but we have to understand that all this is a media stunt that happens on “ONE” day in two months of a tuition awareness campaign. The Students’ Union felt it would probably be a good idea to tell people ahead of time to start growing a mullet. I assure you the theme of our tuition campaign is not an ’80s throwback haircut. I thought that this fact would be explained after I showed [News Editor] Вen Li our entire events plan for the next two months. The schedule is jam packed and we are working like crazy. We are not gonna go down looking like chumps, I assure you. Students care about this and you can be sure as hell that we do as well. We have arranged for many thought provoking forums, rallies, demonstrations, and a little bit of fun events that serve as morale boosters. The A-Channel reporter, as we would hope, would focus on the fact that students are so crazy about tuition that they mass butchered their hair in protest. The time for suits and ties, is over. U of A has passed differential tuition, and our options are becoming thinner and thinner. I think the Gauntlet should stop focusing on the SU and should start focusing on administration and their half-witted arguments for differential tuition. We need all the support we can get, and that should include the Gauntlet. Remember, your levy is not paid for by admin, but is paid for by students.

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