Snoop Dogg, Paid tha Cost to Be Da Bo$$

He may be on top, but for one reason or another Snoop doesn’t have the same street savvy touch that got him there. Maybe it’s tough to remember life before the Beemers and the Benzies, maybe it has something to do with his claim that the chron is gone. Whatever the reason, his latest cameo-laden release sees him outstripped by his producers, from up-and-comers like The Neptunes to the legendary DJ Premier.

That’s not to say there aren’t some gems on the album. “The One and Only” has Premier at his best while Pharrell has his fingerprints all over “Beautiful.” Unfortunately the only time Snoop really stands out is when he’s rhyming with obviously inferior MCs, like on “Lollipop” where he invited Jay-Z along to make himself look good.

Don’t waste your money on this one. Snoop doesn’t need it and you’ll be better off.

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