Snow, Two Hands Clapping

By Kyle Young

Do you like egg nog? Does it annoy you that it only comes out around winter? Are you the kind of person who tries to freeze it and make it last all year? If so, then you know the feeling of finding something that is way past the expiry date, which is exactly the way I found Snow.

Two Hands Clapping is hardly anything new, nor anything great. Despite the claimed attempt at defeating racism and to “truth the corporate lies,” there appears to be only two songs that aren’t about the same tripe as the rest of the album–with a possible third exception, though I can’t make out what he’s singing about. As far as style, it sounds like Snow’s take on reggae mixed with several generous helpings of pop and Rïœ|B, which translates into exactly what you’d find if you listened to any other undeserving “artist” at your local HMV.

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