Our Picks for SU Elections 2003

In the spirit of transparency and fairness, we have included our own personal ballots, breaking down which candidates each committee member supports and putting a name and a face to those choices. For the acclaimed race, we ran a yes/no option.

Our Picks

James Keller

Kris Kotarski

Вen Li

Natalie Sit

Chad Saunders

President Jayna Gilchrist Since someone has to win and it definitely shouldn’t be any of the other candidates. Undecided For sure not El-Rafih, probably not Gould, Blatch and Gilchrist offer a choice between potential (to succeed or fail miserably) or another stagnant year. Spoiled Ballot None of these people are qualified. Jayna Gilchrist The best of the worst and probably won’t ruin the SU… or better it.  
VP External Kari Doig While her performance at the forums showed a need to keep on top of the issues, she’ll do more with the position than her opponent. Lauren Batiuk Both candidates are good, but Batiuk is more articulate and might get us out of caus and casa. Kari Doig She understands what Nick should have done this year. Lauren Batiuk. Said she would look at the su’s involvement in CASA and CAUS  
VP Events Abstain. Abstain. Abstain. Abstain. *Any one of these three can win. Prediction: Bailey, Bergen then Patel. The difference between first and third will be no more than 200 votes.
VP Academic No We could have done a lot better. And we didn’t. Jayna Gilchrist Oh wait. Demetrios Nicolaides is acclaimed. If I could vote "no," I would.

No I want to invent a time machine and nominate a cactus, because a plant is better than nothing, too. No Lacks the understanding for a really important portfolio. He’s just meat for Harvey Weingarten to grind.  
VP Op-Fi Gavin Preston While it pains me to endorse Preston for anything, he is the least of three evils… barely. Gavin Preston He is the most promising candidate but he has to keep his temper in check for the good of students. Gavin Preston Even if he may try to eliminate our levy (he knows what a levy is). Gavin Preston He’s willing to look past his year with his projects and has the drive to do it.  
Health and Dental Yes I use it and I like it. If you don’t like it, feel free to opt out. Yes I can opt out. Yes I don’t use it anyway. Yes Because having your own teeth is better.  
Differential Tuition No The university’s plan is broken. No equality, just a cash grab. No We don’t need to give the province another excuse to cut our funding. Abstain I’ll vote when the people who founded the question can explain to anyone what it means. No Duh.  
Refugee Student No The [Corporation Name] Refugee Student Program Undecided Should poor students pay for noble causes? No Academic imperialism is bad. No You can find many corporate sponsors who want to look good.  
Volunteer Services No Buy less hand scanners and pony up with extra cash. Undecided Should poor students pay for noble causes? No Why don’t they get more volunteers? No Again, external funding can be found. Corporations love looking good.  

*[Ed. Note: CJSW Station Manager Chad Saunders was brought in to assist us in assessing the candidates for the vice-president events race. This was done to ensure fairness and objectivity, since one of the candidates, Lawrence Bailey, is an editor at the newspaper. The Gauntlet’s committee all abstained,and Saunders wrote the review portion.]

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