VP Academic: Demetrios Nicolaides–Unqualified

If you’re acclaimed, I suppose you don’t need to try to impress. But it wouldn’t really hurt.

Nicolaides has the experience necessary to competently maintain the VP academic position. However, his lack of ideas and longing to maintain the “good things” put into place by his predecessor makes him slightly unqualified. Perhaps if there was a race we would have seen at least a glimmer of original thought and innovation–but there wasn’t, and we didn’t.

To be fair, the position won’t fall apart with Nicolaides at the helm, but the position is one whose responsibilities are often underestimated. While he won’t be lobbying the government or dealing with media, he has a hand in issues truly affecting students. Issues like direct entry, grading systems and academic appeals all fall under the academic portfolio. With changes to the university happening almost daily, and especially with an administration pushing feverishly forward with a terribly vague academic plan, this position requires more than Nicolaides may be prepared to give.


• su experience in academic portfolio

• Wants to maintain things that worked in previous years


• Has few new ideas

• Lacks resourcefulness needed to combat large academic issues

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