President: Kyle Gould–Unqualified

Gould is not your average presidential candidate. A background in Speech and Debate is common enough, but his ideas are not. And not in a good way, either.

As a U of C graduate, this candidate’s big focus falls on ambitious programs to get graduates jobs. However, his Career Fairs, while interesting, will not help the majority of students at all. The majority of students will not think about jobs until they join Gould in the ranks of U of C graduates. Does that discredit his idea? Perhaps not. However, Gould also has other misguided plans (such as a new Library Tower?!?) which lay completely outside his portfolio.

Another problem is that Gould’s tuition fight would be a “fight” in that U of C administration might give the students the silent treatment afterward. Unfortunately, compromise is what students need as they have little to bargain with vis á vis administration.

Finally, Gould’s best idea is one that deals with internal SU politics. His proposed Autonomy and Accountability Act would remove minor financial decisions from Students’ Legislative Council meetings and place them in the hands of the SU’s permanent staff. The only problem with this idea is that it would be almost impossible to push through said council.

All in all Gould is aiming in the wrong direction. The ideas he has are hit and miss, and the areas he neglects might hurt students substantially.


• Career Fairs are a noble idea

• Autonomy and Accountability Act is a noble idea


• Likely to create an antagonistic relationship with administration

• New Library Tower is nowhere close to the president’s portfolio

• Many ideas without any means of implementation

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