President: Mohamed El-Rafih–Unqualified

Despite his obvious enthusiasm, El-Rafih’s presidential campaign has one major flaw–the candidate has absolutely no idea about the position he is trying to get elected for.

El-Rafih is charming, hard working, and his leadership experience in the Muslim community is an important asset. However, he lacks even the most rudimentary knowledge about the mandate of the SU presidency and this will make him an ineffective leader and an ineffective frontman for U of C students.

For example, one of his main ideas–commercializing MacEwan Students Centre–is an undertaking more suited to the VP Op-Fi, or perhaps even the SU’s permanent staff. His other ideas are vague, or non-existent.

This is the problem with El- Rafih. For all his good intentions and personal charm, he will not be up-to-speed and ready to serve students until well into his term. In his case, a year in a commissioner position is a must before he can become a good president.

To be blunt: the knowledge gap is too large, and playing catch-up is not part of the president’s job.


• Leadership experience in the Muslim community

• Great grass roots organizer


• Gross lack of relevant knowledge

• No concrete tuition plans

• No feasible ideas and concepts pertaining to the presidential portfolio

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