VP Events: Anant Patel–Qualified

Hoping to continue his progression from commissioner to VP, Patel is the third and final candidate in the race for the VP Events prize. No stranger to controversy, Patel hopes that his positive experiences in SU over the past year will overshadow the “yogurt” fiasco and secure him the VP job.

Patel says his biggest challenge is “living up to expectations,” as one cannot possibly “please everyone all the time.” As VP events, he hopes to improve the communication between the commissioners and work to replace the internal hierarchy power structure with more cohesive teamwork. Compared to years past, the events commission was pretty low-key. Patel contends the commissioners were sometimes left out of the picture. He admits he found out about the Overflow event the day it happened. Any way you look at it, the more cooperative the events commission is, the better the events are.

Patel had the best quote out of the candidates. In addressing student apathy and how the VP events can improve on student awareness campaigns, Patel says “[there are] only so many cows you can BBQ.” With or without a spatula, Patel has cooked up a recipe for “Chef” events.


• su events experience

• Sees need to improve communication with commissioners

• Links apathy and lack of student- participation in events


• Past problems with su conduct may haunt him

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