Protest tuition increases Friday 8 a.m.

By Jayna Gilchrist

Seize your opportunity to make a difference. Every year people sit around and complain about rising tuition costs, poor quality of education and crowded classrooms. Every year people sit around and do nothing about these frustrations. Don’t make this year the same as all those others. Today, Thursday March 20 at 3 pm students are coming together to protest tuition hikes. There will be yelling, chanting, and everything else that will make today the best day of your University life. The next day, however means the most. The Board of Governors meeting is Friday morning at 8 am. This is where all tuition fees are decided. This is where 19 people decide whether you, I, our relatives, or our friends can afford to attend University. This is the day that we all need to let the Board of Governors know that they need to vote against tuition hikes. Come out Friday morning and show the Board of Governors that you’re fed up: THAT YOU’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!

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