Find work this summer

Do you remember those carefree childhood summers spent running through sprinklers and chasing each other through green lawns? Well, forget about them, because this summer your pathetic student ass needs a job. Fast.

Fortunately for all currently unemployed students, there’s Career Services–a little office with enough employment services to ensure that you’re rolling in the green this summer; metaphorically and literally.

“What we offer during the summer is essentially what we normally offer,” said Director of Career Services Craig Fortner. “Resume workshops, interview preparation, networking workshops, job search strategies and, of course, job postings.”

And just in time too. With less than a month and a half before May, many students are feeling the impending doom of summer unemployment. However, it is important to bear in mind that there is still time.

“The peak is happening now and going into April,” said Fortner. “Just don’t wait until the last minute.”

However, while many students already know about Career Services’ on-line postings, it is important to remember the 24,999 other students with access to the same database. Some of the most important features of Career Services are its workshops, providing students with skills that allow them to search beyond the postings into the scary world beyond the university’s walls.

“There is still a hidden job market that you can only access through networking; expanding your contacts and seeking these jobs out,” said Fortner. “It comes down to job search strategies and networking, and we go over these skills in the workshops.”

As an applicant, your first point of contact with your potential employer is your resume. For many students, their resume is in dire need of updating; getting help can be as easy as dropping a resume off at Career Services for a critique or searching on-line for helpful tips.

“There is no excuse for a bad resume,” said Fortner. “There are lots of sources, even if you’re not using the critiques we offer at Career Services you can do an Internet search for resume tips; there are just so many sources.”

Resume in hand and valuable job searching skills in place, it’s time to begin your job search. Where should a student look for a job and what should they be looking for?

“Be clear about making some choices,” said Fortner, “are you getting a job looking for some cash or are you looking for something related to your program?”

Career Services workshops and one-on-one sessions with staff are available in the lower level of MacEwan Hall or on-line at

Like your dad told you before you left home: get a job!

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