Crap, it’s report card day: Women’s Soccer

B- What I should say is, the soccer girls deserve an a+, journalistic integrity be damned. That way, maybe I could get a date for Night of the Dino.

But journalism is more important than the gorgeous smile of fifth-year midfielder Hema Chengkalath or the brilliant eyes of forward Megan Dourado. Even the wily charm of keeper Charlotte Sullivan has to pass me by, because like it or not, I have to tell the truth.

So on that note, on to soccer.

As per usual, the Dinos had an outstanding team but failed to make it past the Canada West Championship. This is why they deserve a b- and not an a. The Dinos did not come through when it counted and this is hardly the first time. This is the third year in a row that they had the most talented team in the conference but failed to qualify for Nationals. ubc went instead and won it all.

On the positive side (I have to stress that now to save face), the charming Charlotte Sullivan filled in admirably for the equally charming Taryn Swiatek-who watched the season from the sidelines due to knee injury. You’d think losing an All Canadian would hurt a lot, especially at a position like keeper, but to Sullivan’s credit, no one saw it that way.

Also worth noting, rookie Steph Hoogveld was positively outstanding, and the Dinos got a great final seasons from veterans Burdine Chmilar, Katie Lee and Sarah Dunlop. The highlight of the season, however, was the play of second-year midfielder Jessica Horning. Horning stole the hearts of Dinos fans with her feverish pace and infectious grin.

So anyway, on to my Night of the Dino date. I gave them a b- but I’ll ask anyway. If I hear a "no," there’s always next season. Right?

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