Day of peace becomes day of unrest

As students from around the world rallied for peace in Iraq, student protests in at least one Canadian city became less than peaceful according to reports.

“Students are currently occupying York University President Lorna Marsden’s office to protest against the university’s decision to use police force to shut down a peaceful protest at York University,” according to a report from the Canada NewsWire. “As a result of this decision, two organizers of the student anti-war protest at York University have been arrested by Toronto Police.”

Apparently also arrested was a picketing student who did not clear from a roadway when ordered to do so by university administration.

According to the report, police successfully cleared only one of three main pickets at the Toronto university, which were well attended despite inclement weather.

“Students have been holding information pickets at three of the main entrances to the university, asking them to wait for several minutes while handing out leaflets and talking to drivers and passengers, since 7:30 a.m.” according to the report.

Protests against the U.S. war on Iraq were scheduled at campuses in U.S., Canada, Australia, Spain, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Brazil and Scotland.

At the U of C, less than 100 students participated at the die-in at MacEwan Hall.

“[The die-in symbolises] the millions of deaths that have happened because of the first Gulf War and 12 years of economic sanctions, and will result from a new war on Iraq,” according to a prepared statement from die-in organizer, Peace Calgary.

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