Reflecting on her time as a Dino

By Mike Attersall

If we were talking about the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the fashion world, than what’s going out may be a blessing. Like those crazy fluorescent outfits, big hoop earrings and huge bangs, that I’m sure Sarah Dunlop used to wear back in the ’80s.

But we’re not talking about fashion. Were talking about soccer, and the impact Dunlop has made in her five years of being a Dino, although I’m sure her impact on the fashion world has been one of valiant effort.

To say Dunlop will be easily replaced by new rookies and time would be incredibly misleading, and inaccurate to say the least. In 1998, her first year as a Dino, Dunlop showed off her skills helping contribute to the team’s first national title. This new-found talent would not go unnoticed as she earned a spot on the Under 20 National Team in 1999.

As an Academic All Canadian, she has been able to shine both in the classroom and on the field, balancing a hectic athletic and school schedule. Dunlop will be graduating this year from the Faculty of Management with a Bachelor of Commerce in International Business.

When reflecting back on her time as a Dino, there are a lot of things she will miss.

“I will always miss the chance to interact with my friends and the friendships I have made. Soccer was also that time for me to relax and forget about school.”

But one thing Dunlop will never forget, are those infamously popular soccer cabs, with memories not to be shared with a university paper.

There were a few memories however that she was able to share. The first involved a crazy dance. This one was to an Aliyah tune and included fellow fifth-year Burdine Chmilar and former Dino Leanne Pelosi.

It was Dunlop’s first year and the team had just suffered a tough loss to Saskatchewan. To deal with the loss the girls made up a dance (a dance I was not welcome to see), one they thought would be funny to share with the other girls on the bus ride home. Unfortunately, the team was not impressed and the older girls on the team told on them (really, who does that to their own teammates?). Head Coach Robin Slot reacted–he got the girls off the bus to give them a good yelling.

“He said something to Leanne and Burdine about their play and leadership roles on the team and how their behaviour was inappropriate. And then he just turned to me and said ‘Sarah you’re just like this all the time.’”

Dunlop will forever remember some of the things the coaches would constantly yell out.

“[Men’s Head Coach] Andy Gibbs would always tell the boys on his team ‘Leave the birds alone.’

“I will also never forget how we used to joke about praying on the fields at Trinity Western by singing Colombia.”

Dunlop who has been able to lead her team vocally on and off the field and through her play will now be looking to pass the torch to the up-and-coming players, players who have hopefully learned from her.

Players like Steph Bourigault, Erin Ramsey, Megan Dourado, and Jessica Horning will have to be the ones who step it up. She is also impressed by rookie sensation Steph Hoogveld.

“She has a lot to offer,” mused Dunlop. “She is so versatile and tries hard at everything she does and never complains about anything.”

This Dino would liked to have left the team with one more national title under her belt, especially after losing out in the first round of the Canada West Finals two years in a row.

“This year felt like my first,” stated Dunlop, “we were full of rookies and we did not have the strongest of seasons, just like in my first year– which led to a national title. But things did not play out like in the past–and unfortunately, the dreams unraveled once again in the playoffs.”

If there is one thing that can be directly correlated with Sarah Dunlop and will never be forgotten, it would have to be her leaving the team with the staple saying of “Oh sick.”

Safe to say, that’s a phrase that can never be associated with this Dinos character and her play both on and off the field.

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