Report Cards: Women’s Hockey


If I could give marks as compensation for lack of coverage, the Dinos women’s hockey team would get an A–but I can’t, so they get a B.

Much thought went into this decision as there were many factors to consider. First of all, they only placed fourth out of the six teams in the ACAC. However, that is a significant improvement over winning only one game last year–especially since they no longer have a locker room to call their own.

One highlight of their dubious season was their impressive performance in the ACAC semifinals against the almost undefeated Grant MacEwan Griffins, who stoically held out until the third and final game, ending the season for our Dinos.

The women also doled out the Griffins’ only loss of the season–quite impressive considering that the Griffins could easily make the playoffs in CIS (a league which kicked our ass last year).

To get an A, the hockey team should consider placing better than fourth out of six in a college league, seeing that they played in the CIS last season.

Their season was not overly impressive in and of itself, but it was a vast improvement from last year. So just like a kid in sixth grade, these Dinos get a B for encouragement. Hopefully, next year will see even more improvement and some more coverage.

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