1. the bond is a force that holds atoms together within a molecule. these bonds are electric in nature.

our eyes are drawn

to the sharp ridge

dividing the snow covered

south slope from the

steep dark rock of

the north though omitted

from view the sun

casts a yellow glow

on the blue white

light of the mountain

as our thoughts drift

up the fissures in

ice to the peak

while it rained we

discussed the structure of

our apathy self-righteous and

slouched in the chairs

I confessed frustration with

stillness the rain hammered

against the window shattered

the glass fragments cascaded

into the room even

then we did not

move did not think

to cover the broken

pane stood silent and

watched our blood mix

with water and sink

deep into the carpet

2. electrons reside in shells about the nucleus. stable ions are formed when atoms gain or lose valence electrons in order to have the same number of electrons as the noble gas of the closest atomic number. an atom tends to be stable when its valence shell contains eight electrons. in an ionic bond, electrons are gained or lost to achieve eight electrons in the valence shell.

the sun sets behind

the mountain green and

purple shimmer across the

lake waves roll onto

the rocky shore across

the water silence lurks

through the trees the

blue glows in the

fading light a disruption

in the line of

the hills draws attention

to an angel in

the snow a fossil

pressed by wind against

the limestone I woke

in my clothes on

the floor of a

hotel room even though

you slept the silence

between us awkward later

we stole white towels

and spent the morning

in the pool that

whole summer I never

wanted to leave the

water in those same

clothes I waded out

into the lake a

perch swam into my

pocket and drowned I

thought of bringing it

in but let it

float away not wanting

you to see it

3. a covalent bond consists of an electron pair shared between bonded atoms. though electrons are mutually repulsive bonding occurs because the electrons of one atom are attracted to the nucleus of the other.

we make this journey

with our eyes hold

still on these rocks

and stare out across

the glacier the ice

is unwelcome purple shadows

warn of shifts and

hidden rivers sharp peaks

guard the ice hold

it all in place

protect the cold from

those who might wander

out to test the

uneven strength beneath the

grey sky on a

winter night we walked

to the river I

studied the shape of

the stones beneath the

bridge we talked of

similarity and the snow

fell down between us

in a wall we

stumbled home one on

each side as we

passed an amber street

light I watched your

silhouette and discovered I

was shaking

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