Manginas in Regina

What in God’s name would possess someone to ride a bike across the second most expansive country in the world?

"I just got this crazy idea," explains fourth-year University of Calgary student Mike Murray. "And then I asked Pete to do it with me, because he’s the next craziest person I know."

"Yeah," chimes in Pete Golden, a recent Engineering graduate. "I’m like the Buzz Aldrin of crazy."

This pair of rez rats are making the best of their youthful years, setting out from Tofino on June 20 for their three-month trek. So where’s the catch? What’s the motivation?

"We’re doing it as a vacation, there’s no real noble cause," Golden concedes.

"We were going to try and be sponsored by Safeway," Murray quickly retorts. "Then we considered making it a ride for tuition or even testicular cancer due to the fact that it’s a huge issue in cycling due to Lance Armstrong."

"And then we got lazy," adds Golden.

"Yeah, then we got lazy, and all of a sudden it was the end of the term and we were 15 days away from leaving," Murray admits, hanging his head, feigning shame.

Don’t let the lack of organization deceive you however, these modern day explorers have a purpose–and a plan. They’re not just winging it.

"Neither of us have ever really been to the East Coast," states Murray. "If we’re going to slack off and become tourists, that’s where it’ll happen."

"And the major goal for the Prairies is the mangina in Regina," smiles Golden.

"Yup, that is going to be a killer photo op," Murray laughs. "That’s really the only reason we want to stop going across the Prairies."

Inspired yet? Feel like heading out on a coast-to-coast bike tour as well? You’re more than welcome.

"Whoever shows up in Tofino June 20 with $3,000 and a road bike goes. Anyone with mountain bikes will be left behind," states Golden. "Once we get through the Rockies we’ll be in pretty good shape, but if someone wants to come along with us for a while, as long as they can keep up, we’re cool with it."

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