By Becky van Bussel

Saybia is an emo-ish rock act from Denmark. They sing many lovely songs about loving girls who either don’t, shouldn’t or won’t love them back and this problem seems to tear them up on nearly every track. The frontman of the group, Soren Huss, provides his band with vocals that sound incredibly similar to Coldplay’s Chris Martin. Other than the lack of any uniqueness to their sound, this is not necessarily a bad thing. I like Coldplay.

However, Saybia’s lyrics are so whiny and self-pitying that it is difficult to appreciate this music without a half empty bottle of whisky lying nearby. The pain from this Danish Chris Martin and his band would be fine if it were on only one or two tracks. Unfortunately, this is not the case and the endless whimpering reminds me of one of those exaggerated drama girls from high school.

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