Sundae Smarties

Smarties are a beloved part of the Canadian confection culture. So, when they launched a new line of sundae flavoured candies, I was skeptical.

Tasting them, I found a chocolatey enigma: a candy that actually tastes awful individually, yet acceptable when taken by the handful.

Alone, they taste like a variety of chemicals that have halfheartedly tried to approximate the taste of week-old food. Each flavour has a name, whether it is the humble "vanilla" or the ostentatious "strawberry," but they are like flavour soldiers, caught behind enemy lines without their platoon.

However, they can be combined to form "strawberry sundaes" or even "banana splits" which are, all things considered, not bad.

Can this be the new wave of candy innovation? Have we finally witnessed, if I may be so bold, the evolution of candy selection as an art form?

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