Fun without the sun

It’s the start of the year. Frosh wander around lost, fourth-years go on 11-day benders, profs get their first tantalizing glance at the young, fresh meat once again filling their classrooms, and rez rats still make an effort to attend class in clothes other than pyjamas.

It’s also time for another Overflow.

For those of you who don’t know what Overflow is—new students and deadbeats like my editor–it’s one of the biggest parties of the year. All of old MacEwan Student Centre and the newest section of MSC will be licensed. MacEwan Hall will be open, with American Hi-Fi, Knucklehead and Metric playing. DJs will be spinning beats in the Den and Black Lounge, as well as the foyer. And finally, 3000 people having a remarkably good time will be packed in.

The cost is minimal, only five dollars per person. Tickets were on sale for three hours on Tues., Sept. 9 and all day on Wed., Sept. 10. Not that this will do you much good now–if you don’t already have tickets, you’re pretty much screwed.

My advice for you unfortunate, ticketless souls is this: Try to find someone with connections to mooch off, find someone who wants to scalp their ticket, or steal one from someone smaller than you.

Hope to see you there.

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