Men’s Volleyball preview

The new season is fast approaching as the Dinos men’s volleyball team prepares to continue its winning tradition. Last season the men finished fourth in the country and third in their conference. This year brings a combination of old and new, as old veterans and rookies will hopefully take the team all the way.

According to Head Coach Greg Ryan, the Dinos’ leaders this season will be setter Glen Handley, middle Sean Kendall and newcomer Rod Ellis. With the loss of a few key players, Ryan hopes to shore up the team with rookies Nick Fuess, Neil Johnson, Paul Albert and Ellis.

This character development involves making sure players compete to win and represent the team and university well every day, according to Ryan.

So, what can we expect this year? A glance at the stats sheet shows the Dinos are a bigger team possessing skill and height in key positions compared to last year. Having a 6’2” setter in Glen Handley–a former city champion in the triple jump–will help to run a quick and powerful offence this season.

"Look to the Dinos to be one word: aggressive, " Ryan predicts.

Show your support and come out for a season that could bring another national championship banner to hang on our wall.

Volleyball for newbiesVolleyball Terminology 101:
For the uninitiated I thought I would give some volleyball nomenclature.

Bump: Forearm pass
Set: Overhead pass
Spike: Main attack.
Dig: Forearm pass like a bump usually done when on defense
Kill: point won on a spike attack
Pancake: Player passes ball up just as it is about to hit the ground by laying their hand flat on the floor and letting the ball contact the top of their hand.
Six Pack: Person gets smoked by the ball in the head or solar plexus.

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