Health and Dental Plan

Being a student serf is a tough gig, but through the minor government of the Students’ Union, you too can have perfect teeth and a massaged back.

Full-time undergraduate students are eligible to use the SU Health and Dental Plan, provided by Gallivan & Associates. You pay $51.50 per semester and receive such benefits as 70 per cent coverage of prescription drugs and 80 per cent coverage of artificial limbs and prosthetics. Other partially covered services include psychologists, chiropractors, naturopathy and ambulances.

On the dental side, there is 100 per cent coverage of an annual exam and coverage for oral surgery, fillings and denture repairs.

Dependents and spouses (of either sex) can be covered by the plan, if extra coverage is purchased.

For more information, visit the SU Undergraduate Health and Dental Plan Office in MSC 371 or call them at 220–3906.

If you are very lucky and covered by your parents’ plan, you can fill out a form, available at _health.htm, and along with some proof of coverage, you can opt out.

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