Health Services

While some of the more obvious destinations at the University of Calgary involve classrooms and laboratories, that doesn’t make the role of University Health Services (MSC 370) any less vital. Keeping this bustling metropolis of students working efficiently are the doctors, chiropractors and massage therapists of Health Services. However, this is yet another part of the campus undergoing radical changes.

UHS spokesperson Allan Pedden says they are working to bring more services to students for less money.

"We need to ensure core services continue," Pedden said. "We’re also looking to add new ones. Dentistry and opthamology are high on the list."

For this, the Students’ Union had to reach out to the community to find doctors sympathetic to the specific ailments of students, like textbook-blurred eyes and slurpee-stained teeth.

"The SU is exploring with dentists who might like to come to campus," Pedden said.

According to Pedden, UHS and SU are also working to reduce the UHS reliance on university funding.

But while much of this process is still undefined and the final shape of UHS has yet to be decided, students can take advantage of many useful services.

The clinic is staffed by registered nurses, psychiatrists, family physicians, a dermatologist, chiropractors, podiatrists and massage therapists.

There are many sicknesses you can contract-especially after a long night at the Den-so UHS also offers some of the tests essential to campus life, like pap smears and STD screening.

UHS also handles Physician/Counselor statement forms for the deferral of final examinations, should you ever be medically unable to write an exam. Just be sure to make an appointment with them as soon as possible after problems arise.

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