Effective Writing Test

By Falice Chin

Post-secondary education is known for endless term papers, bullshit essays, and spiced-up research reports. Knowing how to write well is a very important survival skill, and if you lack it, you must acquire it.

For those who did not score 75 per cent or higher on their Alberta English 30 diploma, you are in for a special treat. Unless a grade of B or more is achieved in a university English course, the Effective Writing Test is a mandatory stop before reaching the second year of study.

This test is a two and half hour exam that requires students to write a 400-word essay using one of the topics provided. Students can choose to write this test in the fall or winter, provided they are able to drop $50. Pre-test workshop sessions are available to provide more help for those who really need it.

As writing becomes a more routine exercise in the future, learning the skills to express an idea on paper is crucial. And if you wish to improve your writing even after the test, volunteering at the Gauntlet can teach you many good lessons.

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