Your very own U of C e-mail account

By Alan Cho

It’s a promise made to you by wacky teen comedies and burnt out hippies. A promise that university is not only an educational institution, but also a new social milieu to interact with new people and attempt to entice them into doing things you’ve only seen in Girls Gone Wild.

They’ve lied to you.

Most of your days will be spent crammed into tiny desks in classrooms that are either too hot or too cold and most of your nights will be long ones, spent hunched over a textbook in the library. Isolated, you’ll only have one way to communicate your deteriorating sense of self to the outside world: e-mail!

As a student, you’re entitled to your very own University of Calgary e-mail account with 25 MB of storage. Use it to keep in touch with elusive professors and as a professional e-mail address because just isn’t going to cut it.

You’re already wet from the excitement, I can tell. It’s time to get to a computer and activate your U of C e-mail account. Before you can do that, though, you’ll need an IT account. You can activate your IT account at An IT account will also give you dial up access to the Internet, for those unfortunate few who have been unable to enter the promised land of the world wide web thus far. Say goodbye to deportation and consider yourself over the border now, friend!

With your IT account comes your e-mail address, which will have an suffix. You can access your e-mail using Netscape Communicator, Mozilla, Outlook Express or via the web at

Your e-mail will be the lifeline tethering you to sanity during your academic career here at the U of C. For more information about university e-mail accounts and IT services available to students check out

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