An alternate approach to a moment in time

Peter Lynds is going in the right direction, the problem is he doesn’t know where he is going yet, which leaves him open to mistakes.

I came to the same conclusion (no moment in time) by a different route. The sun is at eight minutes (universe with speed limit) from me and is not part of the moment I call now. The moon is half a second away from me. There is time between the front and back bumper of my car. There is time between molecules, atoms and sub-atomic particles.

See where this is going?

An actual moment in time, defined as a set of points at the same moment, is actually an infinitesimal point. This moment in time is too small to contain a planet, a person or for that matter the standard metre. This is what space-time really means, space doesn’t exist. Space is a tool we use to navigate and position ourselves in our reality. Conclusion: Space and static dimensions do not exist. Objects as something existing entirely at one moment do not exist, there is a time difference between any two points of an object.

Here you see why in an article stating the non-existence of a moment in time one cannot use the concept of "frame of reference," which is an extension of a moment in time, in the body of the proof. This basically describes the relationship between our perception and everything our science and equations say the universe is like.

Now, I don’t see anything wrong with that. This distinction may well be the explanation of the different approaches that are classical and quantum mechanics. Better, it will lead to a substance and cause explaining how the universe works by itself without us watching.

Equations don’t actually make things move, things were falling long before Newton and Einstein. This is the first step of a theory for the understanding of everything, not the description of everything, because we are, very much biased, as seen above. We already have plenty of equations describing how gravitation works, but all fail to say why it works.

At any rate, this is coming and it is the final frontier. You may want to fight it, but if I can, I will be part of it.

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