Wine, so swanky

Willow Park

Huge selection, I mean really, really huge, and a staff that knows where all of it is. A favorite of many, it is well known clear across the country for its diverse inventory.

Eau Claire Wine Market

It may look tinny, but they’ve got loads of wine crammed in their little corner of the market. This is a great spot to find older vintage ports.

The Cellar

Well over 900 wines all laid out by style, which makes it easy to pick the kind of wine you’re looking for. The staff knows what they’re talking about and there’s a resource center in the middle of the store, if you want to look up wine ratings or food pairings. An added bonus is the huge accessories store, where you can find whatever you need to go along with your wine or spirit.


This is a great place to find French Rhone wines as well as Spanish. It’s run by Richard Harvey, who also teaches wine courses at SAIT.

Kensington Wine Market

Like Australian wine? Check out Kensington. Not only do they carry most of the favorites from down under, they also feature several exclusive wines if you’re looking for something special.

Bin 905

You know how the Calgary Herald features some wines every week in the Arts & Style section? If you see one you like and you’re having trouble finding it, this is where to look. Bin 905 is managed by Geoff Last, who also writes the wine reviews.

Wine Shop

If Italian is what you’re after, here’s where to look. In case you ever want to try a Chianti with liver and fava beans to see what Dr. Lecter was going on about, you’ll find it at the Wine Shop, along with an impressive selection of exclusive wines.

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