Wine, so swanky

Aroma/Nose/Bouquet: The smell of the wine.

Attack: A term to refer to the initial onset of flavours when the wine first hits the tongue.

Balance: The harmony of acidity, tannin, flavour and alcohol.

Corked: Wine that’s musty smelling, also means you get another bottle free, at least anywhere decent.

Decanting/"Letting the Wine Breath": Allowing the wine to come in contact with oxygen, best done in a decanter.

Finish: The tastes that evolve after you’ve swallowed the wine, or spit it out if that’s your thing.

Legs: The wine that sticks to the side of your glass after you swirl it.

Length: How long the finish lasts.

Mouthfeel: The body and texture of the wine.

Palate: The taste of the wine.

Terroir: The soil type and climate’s impact on the wine.

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