Bar supplement introduction

I work in a bar, a few bars actually. I recognize customers by their flavour, consistency, and style. Bottle versus draft, crantini versus cosmopolitan, Shiraz versus Merlot. I often wonder if each individual has inherent tendencies, aside from the odd diversion, that draws them towards one beverage over another, or one bar over the next. We are creatures of habit, and a routine–whether it is a brewsky at the Den, or wine with dinner–creates an atmosphere that keeps us content.

Alcohol is a thing of human pleasure, if consumed with conscience, comfort, and knowledge of consequence. As humans though, we develop with trial and error: you quickly learn that a Jagermeister, then ten more, two people and a bachelor pad is a recipe for immediate consequences. Your style may change, your tastes may expand, and your tolerance may rise with experience.

This supplement is a collection of information that stems from an age-old curiosity of a substance that has both impassioned and devoured humanity. Various tastes, from wine, to beer, to martinis are discussed; individual styles, from karaoke, to Den pick-ups are analyzed; and finally, lessons–confessions from those under the influence–are learned, or at least admitted.

Experiment and discover. Whether you lean towards a full-bodied red, or a cloudy brew, find pleasure in what you drink, how you drink it and what boundaries it will lead you to and possibly across.

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