The Buttless Chaps

The Buttless Chaps are a Vancouver-based band. They formed in 1998, putting out an album that year and every year since, including this year. Love This Time is the band’s 2003 release.

The Buttless Chaps seem to take pride in their ability to collaborate on any type of music, to write music without boundaries. Unfortunately, this lack of boundaries is not entirely evident on Love This Time. Each song seems to fade into the next with the exception of a few tracks.

However, the album is still very pleasant to listen to. It contains an assortment of musical instruments including cellos, trumpets and french horns beautifully brought together by guitar, synth and light drum beats. And Dave Gowan’s voice is both inviting and comfortable, like a small town country music karaoke singer who always manages to get even the virtually immobile drunks to clap appreciatively as he steps down from the stage. All these factors combine to make Love This Time compelling, soothing and worth listening to.

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