The Dandy Warhols

By Josh LaVoie

If you’re like some people I know, every time you buy a slurpee you have an unquenchable urge to put all 12 flavours in one cup. Myself, I can’t stand the idea–more than two varieties and I think you’re asking for trouble.

The Dandy Warhols’ latest offering, Welcome to the Monkey House, bucks the trend in an eclectic conglomerate of ’70s and ’80s pop music that inexplicably just works. Combining influences to become something that lies in a realm of its own this album is best described as electro-space-rock.

Somehow, between tracks such as "We Used to Be Friends" which is a throwback to ’70s soul, and those like "I Am Sound" that play like they belong on Pink Floyd’s The Wall, the band manages to display continuity through their unique funky style and full, fuzzy sound. This album is a must buy for Dandy Warhols fans and is worth a listen for all others even if just to hear so many influences on one CD.

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