Frosh Supplement Introduction

I have come to the sudden and ugly realization that you are at least four or five years younger than me. Egad, you probably barely remember She-Ra, Buck Shot and his birthday trips to Chuck E. Cheese, Kidstreet and this desperate need to wear bright neon colours.

So allow me to offer what my years of experience have instructed me.

University is a Jekyll and Hyde proposition. There are days when Administration screws you over 20 different ways, and you constantly curse the bad fortune that ever brought you to this place. Papers, assignments and quizzes seem to multiply exponentially and the beloved family car, Ruby, dies a tragic death on Crowchild Trail. You begin to think that four withdrawls on your transcript aren’t too bad.

On the other hand, the sun will shine down fat and yellow, A’s abound like campus bunnies and lectures seem worth it. Graduation seems close at hand. The guy who cruelly dumped you over a sundae repents and asks you out again.

In order to spend more time on the "Hyde" side of life, you must realize you are the one in charge here. Truthfully, no one cares about you at the University of Calgary. So it is up to you to involve yourself academically and personally. And it may involve huge changes. If you don’t like Engineering, get out and pursue a philosophy degree if that’s what you enjoy. Study abroad for a term, if you want.

Hopefully, the information contained in Lowly University: University of Calgary will help you enjoy university on your own terms. If not, we also publish Lowly College: SAIT and Lowly College: Mount Royal College.

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