Israeli speaker pleads for peace

Tues., Sept. , the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies featured guest speaker Dr. Yossi Olmert, an established professor of security studies, to present a forum entitled, “Israel: The Defense Challenges in an Hostile Environment.”

Olmert passionately discussed the difficulties and dangers Israel faced in the past and present. The past dangers were of isolation and large-scale war. Israel faced tremendous opposition from several Arab countries and fought many battles such as the Yom Kippur War. The central present danger is terrorism. It is a battle brought to the streets, the marketplaces, bus stops and nightclubs of Israeli cities, according to Olmert.

"When I am travelling around the world, I always have to carry a cell phone so I can check on my daughter six times a day," said Olmert. "The war waged by terrorism is frequently fought on Israel’s doorsteps."

The Israeli government responded fiercely with missiles against those they deem responsible. The death toll on both sides over the last three years has surpassed 1,500,. Olmert said something needs to be done and suggested both sides of this complex dispute need to come together immediately for the sake of peace.

"Negotiations are based on compromises, both sides of the conflict must give and take," Olmert pleaded.

Unfortunately, another major concern is the rise of Iran due to its suspected capabilities to produce nuclear weapons. Olmert stated Israel must continue to maintain its arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in the region, for the sole reason of protecting and securing itself in case of a future large-scale war.

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