Oval almost done

Renovations at the Olympic Oval, which began in the summer, will be completed sometime in the fall. The renovations include a new front office and card access system, designed to create a more accessible reception area for students, athletes and the public.

The fire alarm system will also be upgraded. This will keep up with the increasing number of users and ensure their safety. The new front office and upgraded alarm system will cost an estimated $75,000.

"This new front office access system will create a safer environment for all Oval users, allowing the user a safer and less crowded reception area," said Oval Communications Specialist Anne Reeves. "The Oval will be able to recover the cost of the renovations and other lost revenues with this improved access system."

The new card access system will allow the correct users to enter the front office during the correct times. This will keep people who are not allowed in outside, which will increase the safety of Oval users. Varsity athletes are required to get the new Olympic Oval card, while students can continue to use their student ID card.

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