Wanna join a women’s fraternity?

The beginning of the school year is also the start of recruitment week for women’s fraternities.

Recruitment Week, previously deemed "Rush Week," begins Tues., Sept. 23. During this time the Panhellenic Association will be setting up booths and all female students can meet the women of Alpha Gamma Delta and Alpha Omicron Pi.

"The Panhellenic Association was started long ago as an umbrella group and governing council of both fraternities," states Panhellenic Association Vice-President Demia Campbell. "We hope to see a lot of women come out to our orientation to learn about the benefits of fraternity life."

So what exactly happens during Recruitment Week?

"Pretty much we give a background of each sorority and if they have any questions we answer them," said Panhellenic Association President Leslie Wong. "The girls then go to different groups where each sorority presents themselves."

Often, women’s fraternities members in their prime are imagined to be a cluster of girls frolicking and having pillow fights. A near perfect hallucination for males, however the key term is hallucination.

"We are all intellectual people. It’s not Legally Blond and it’s not Animal House," said Campbell. "We have fun and we do party, but the fact is, we do that just like any other club."

In fact, many stereotypes of frat houses are incorrect. Besides a large emphasis on academics, there are a lot of benefits to joining.

"A lot of people don’t realize we do inter-networking, and you can use the networks and connections that you make for a lifelong time," stated Campbell.

"Through joining you get to know more people and develop interpersonal skills," added Wong. "We also do charity work at least once a month, and there are tons of international scholarships and awards that many people have won."

Criteria for membership is simple. You must be a full-time student at the University of Calgary, with a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

"Come out, be open, throw out your stereotype of what you think a sorority girl is supposed to look like, do or even major in," explained Wong. "There is something there for every single girl on campus."

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