Construction update: KNES and MSC

The University of Calgary is undergoing major construction in two areas of campus: Kinesiology and MacEwan Student Centre.

The Students’ Union is continuing the project of improving the student centre. The long-awaited move of CJSW and NUTV to the third floor is only the tip of the iceberg in the renovations, expansions and relocation plans.

During the summer, $23,000 was set aside for the building of club offices and the relocation of the used bookstore and copy centre. The combination of the used bookstore and copy centre is called the Bound and Copy and will be located downstairs in the retail corridor with the nickel copiers. More seating and microwaves will fill the area of the old copy center.

This move was intended to be done by August but hasn’t happened yet.

"It seems to be the way it is with construction all the time, you just always have delays and delays," explained Students’ Union Vice-President Operations and Finance Gavin Preston.

The used bookstore was relocated to a temporary location until its move downstairs in October or November.

Upstairs, Health Services, now called the University Health Clinic, may also undergo construction with the hopes of a dentist office and the Chaplains’ Centre moving to that area. 

"Everybody would like a dentist, it would be really good for students," said Preston. 

The idea of creating a study area in the old Chaplains’ Centre was suggested. However, nothing has been finalized.

The third floor of MSC is staked out for the offices of CJSW, NUTV and the new prayer space. The U of C has given the sU money for construction of a prayer space.

The SU has also considered renovating the MacEwan Ballroom. The SU has received a matching grant for this project.

"I’m trying to get outside sponsorship to do the old ballroom with money that comes from non-student sources," said Preston.

Once everything is worked out with CJSW and they move to the third floor, their old space will be free and the idea of a club storage area was suggested.

"There’s a lot of things going on, it’s kinda fun actually," said Preston eagerly.

However, the SU is not the only group on campus involved in construction.

Kinesiology has been anticipating the construction of new floors for Sports Medicine and the Human Performance Lab. It has taken four years to find funding and plan the building, but the last pieces of the puzzle are coming together with the hiring of a construction manager.

The additions will include a full floor on top of Sports Medicine and the HPL with a half-floor intended for administration.

"The Human Performance Lab area is even considered one of the best in the world," said Director of Operations of Kinesiology John Paulsen.

This project will hopefully start by the end of fall. When the construction does start there may, at times, be issues with access in the building.

"Our plan is to stay fully operational," said Paulsen.

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