Mature and lucid perspective

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: "Hard power outdated," Oct. 2, 2003,

Congratulations on the remarkably lucid and mature perspective from Michael Jankovic in his critique of Professor Bercuson’s argument for more "hard power" in Canada’s military. Military might has closed more doors than it has opened. The arms race, primarily supplied by the big five countries on the UN Security Council (especially the United States) squanders more than $850 billion annually worldwide, a fraction of their real cost to humanity. Witness what "shock and awe" has done in the Middle East and judge whether this is creating a safer world. Five per cent of this wasted budget would provide adequate food, safe water and education for everyone.

Canada has a worldwide reputation as a moral force for diplomacy and peace-building that yet believes in a future and in the possibility of our full humanity. Thanks for the courage to challenge "conventional wisdom" of the "experts."

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